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A must do while being in Thailand is going to the tailor! That is something you don’t exactly do every day in Norway, and in Thailand its really affordable. To get a piece that fits you perfectly is luxury! I’ve been in Thailand several times with my family, and I remember one of the hardest things was to find which tailor to go to. It is so many of them, and unfortunately one might get disappointed when it comes to all the amazing offers they are promoting. Be aware, if 100% silk has a price that is too good to be true, it might actually be the case.

Lucky me was invited to a tailor called Nickermann’s, who are located in The Landmark hotel in Sukhumvit in Bangkok. The people working here are great, and it seems like they have a lot of experience! I have a lot of opinions of how I want things, but the lady helping me, several times had to point out ideas that might not be as good as I thought… Like making sure that the pants aren’t too tight so you can sit, haha. I like that they are not afraid to tell you what works or not so that you will not end up with a little disappointment. No doubt they are very skilled in what they are doing. I had several fittings to make sure everything was perfect, but still they were able to deliver everything in a week. Super quick! Which is a big plus if you’re a tourist who’s here only for a few days. If you are considering getting something made while you are here I fully recommend these guys. Even Lonely Planet does, so if you dont trust me you can listen to them hehe.


What do you think? Im totally in love with the green. Tried a suit with the same color at Zara, but unfortunately it didn’t fit me and I have been dreaming about it since then. And btw if you’re wondering if its too warm to wear a suit like this in Bangkok? No way Hose, they are world champions on AC here.




Let’s pretend like nothing and just continue to blog like no one noticed… I’ve been quiet for a decade, right? I made this blog to post whenever I felt like it, and that is exactly what I’ve done.

So what have I been up to since last time? I’ve basically been traveling all over the north of Norway, and I’ve finally become as close to Rihanna as I ever think I will become; work work work work work. I’m having my vacation now, and it’s gonna be spent in Thailand!  Talk to you later guys <3


Jeg har vært borte fra bloggen lenge nå, men bloggen ble laget for at jeg skulle oppdatere når jeg følte for det, og det er akkurat hva jeg har gjort. Så hva har jeg bedrevet tiden min med siden sist? For å si det sånn, jeg vil aldri blir mer lik Rihanna enn hva jeg er nå: work work work work work. Nå derimot har jeg ferie og den tilbringes i Thailand! Også tenkte jeg å oppdatere på norsk fremover også da! (Hvis du ikke allerede har lagt merke til det..)

Simple girl simple style



Simple girl, simple style. This top from Bik Bok is everything. I bought a very similar one months ago, but when I came home I realized it had some spots on it that I wasn’t able to remove, and the receipt was in the trash can decades ago… Why do I never learn. I almost threw a party when I found a almost identical one at BikBok in Norway. Oh happy day! With a top like this you just put on whatever simple things you may prefer, and your outfit is still rockin! Off-shoulder, beautiful details and long arms. What is it not to love?

Fallen in love with pink

The weather in Trondheim has been really great these last few days. Today I woke up to rain and gray skies, but it is totally okay when its been really great like this for a few days. Can’t expect more up here in the north! Because of the weather I own thousands of jackets, cuz I feel I always need to wear one. At least that’s what I tell myself. I have fallen in love with pink again this season. A color that I haven’t been wearing too much as I don’t think that it suits me very well. After going a bit blonder however, I think that it suit me more. This rough jacket in a cute pink color caught my attention and had to go with me back home!



Put on your positive pants

Put on my happy pants! They are continuously being used both as everyday wear and, if I put on some heels, as casual wear. I think they draw enough attention themselves so I like to pair them with a simple white tee. To keep that 90’s vibe I also like to use a bit oversized t-shirt. If you are lucky to get your hands on them I recommend to get them at least a size too small, they become really big after just a few min on. I have to get mine tailored, or wash them every hour :p



Let’s try something new!

I’m a coward, or wait, am I just a bit reasonable? This is not gonna be a post discussing whether I am the one or the other. The fact is that I don’t want to inject anything in my body, or use strong chemicals to change parts of my body. I have stretched my limits to eyelash extensions and an occasional hair coloring now and then, even that also freaks me out.


I’ve torn the internet after more gentle ways to whiten my teeth after way too much tea drinking, and after seeing charcoal products popping up everywhere I was super happy when this product showed up. It seems like charcoal is the new shit, and in Bangkok they used it for everything; charcoal burgers, bread, hairdressers, ice cream, toothpaste, soap, yeah, you name it. And now, I was ready to try COCO by Skintechnology. I mashed my toothbrush into the small little jar with black powder, laughed my way through how strange it looked, and was super expectant to see the result afterwards. Then the big question, did it work? To be totally honest I didn’t see much of a result. Who am I kidding, my mouth was super black! Okay, Ida you are never gonna become a stand up comedian… But seriously, I did not see too much of a difference. However, this product is not the same as a regular teeth whitening product, and will naturally not give the same results. Which is exactly why I decided to try. I am gonna try it several times and hopefully over time I will notice a difference. That would have saved my problem!

But now over to something that definitely worked straight away! Instaplumper by Skintechnologies. I think I’ll cover it with OMG. OMG it hurts, OMG it WORKS! Yes, cuz to be honest you could really feel your lips get an effect from this product. The package already prepared me for it on beforehand, and the superwoman as I am, I stripped on the plastic patches. Ready to get pouchy perfect lips. The package also said that you had to leave the plastic there for 15-60 min, but superwoman only lasted for 5…

But this you guys, this product absolutely works! As they say, no pain no gain #yolo. I could really se a big difference, and this is the first plumping product I’ve ever tried with such good results. The effect lasted for around 1 hour. Next time I’m gonna try to leave it on for a longer time and see if the effect is gonna stick even longer. You know what, I’m gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. And NO, I’m not trying to make a duck face here, this is actually the effect!


(Sponsed Products)


Obsessing over flares. I feel that I’m either a year late, or 20 years late. Whatever, I like it and I’m not gonna stop wearing them anytime soon. Matching these jeans with my new top from Zara. Love the structured trend that we are seeing a lot of lately. It do create some serious skills though! I tried to flatten out this look by going for a simple pair of jeans that are a bit «bottom heavy». And also, how cute are my shoes? I Imagine they are something Twiggy could have wore in the 60’s.



Bohemian vibes

Have totally fallen in love with this outfit! The pattern, the fabric, the shape, yes everything. It gives me some bohemian vibes, which I always like. The pants have the perfect flare, and the high waist  create a perfect shape for this look. The top was originally long, but I cut it off to make it short enough to tuck into the pants. I wanted to highlight the highwaist of the pants, not hide it away! This cute little creation is btw from HM’s «golden» collection. I have neven seen it anywhere else than in Asia. And I didn’t find it online either. Have you guys seen this collection in Norway before? If you have tell me! I always had to have a peak at the exclusive department everytime I passed one of the bigger HM stores in Bangkok.



Because I’m happy

If I could have put on a song that was playing at the same time you were reading this post, it would have been «Happy – Farell Williams». Okay I’m a bit tacky at times, you should give my creative mind some extra space. Things like this might pop up then.. But it’s mail time! And for me, that means Happybox time. The theme of this box is nails and smile, okay that’s my imagination again, but the box comes with nail polish, a file and cuticle oil, and for the lips a super cute lipstick that I can’t wait to try and a whitening pen! And just to not forget the last product, an exfoliating cream. The Happybox couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I’m out of almost everything since I moved back from Thailand, and I only brought back my necessities. My brother, which I’m staying at this moment, is not as happy, as these happy products have won the war against his warriors; a toothbrush and a box with wax. But I saw his look on the whitening pen, I think I have to hide it before its gone…




These last few days I’ve been in Bergen. Went back to do my last exam ever, can’t believe it! I’ve been living in this city 4,5 years, so it felt good to be back, even though it was just for a super small visit. Bergen is such a beautiful city, and really something for itself. All the cute streets and houses, the closeness to the mountains, and of course the picturesque «bryggen». As a tourist in Norway I would recommend this as your number one destination. No doubt! After two days with incredible intense studying, I helped Espen move out, as he is continuing his adventure in the US this summer. I’m slowly getting used to the Norwegian weather again, and the woolen clothes are back in the closet right where they belong at this time of the year. And hey, it’s first day of summer today!