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Arkiv for september 2016


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Long time no see for my outfit posts, but here you go! Finally found this dress here in Bangkok. Have been looking for it everywhere in Norway, but sold out everywhere. What better place to look than here where they keep their summer collections a bit longer than in Europe. Big patches, badges and pins is something we have seen a lot this summer, and almost all designers were showing it in their SS2016 collections. It even seems like this trend continues into the autumn. It creates a little more edge to you look, love it!

Early mornings

img_3268 img_3269

Some of the best things I know is to wake up really early and just spend a few hours to myself doing nothing. It’s something magical about these moments, and you feel like you are the only person awake while everyone else is still sleeping. The world has a little break, and there are no responsibilities or tasks that yet need to be done, its just too early. And by that I’m wishing you all a good morning <3

how to spend your evening

aa_orphanblack_thumbnail_s2_02_web orphan-black-blogrolljpg-7821b5_1280w 960 orphan-black

(Foto: BBC America)

Whatever you are doing, stop doing it and put on this show instead! Orphan Black is a show that came out of nowhere for me, and I must say that it has surprised me a lot. I did not have any expectations for it, but after the first episode I was SOLD! Normally I would have to watch 3-4 episodes before I’m in the game, but not this time. I don’t want to spoil too much, and I feel that if I tell you fully what it is about, you are not going to enjoy the first episode that much. Roughly speaking I can tell you that the show is about a orphan (surprisingly enough), and the meeting of her sisters. It is so thrilling! I have seen everything already, and I feel so lost right now. Anyone have any new recommendations for me?



veganerie concept

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Seems like it all about food nowadays! But its true, the lifestyle here in Bangkok is really all about food. The Thai people really enjoy having a nice meal. Yesterday we wanted to try something new, and headed to this vegan friendly café/restaurant which serves the most delicious and mouth watering dishes you can every imagine. Everything just looked so tempting, and I had a really hard time deciding what to go for. They have everything from quinoa salads and acaii bowls, to healthy desserts like raw brownies. Veganerie Concept can be found in Sukhumvit 24,  just behind the Benjasiri Park. A bit difficult to find, but a well worth visit. I am going back for sure!


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Black, and old time favorite that I not even compromise with the weather. An elegant, mysterious, sexy color that suits everyone. You neither have to be a punk rock chick nor a grieving widow to wear this color with pride. Black is always my go to if in a clothing emergency, and it always saves my day. And I have to admit, more that 50% of my closet is black. But hey, its for a reason, right?

Juice it!

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Eating healthy in Bangkok is not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Before going here I was expecting a diet filled with veggies, fruits and lean dishes. However, that is not the case as all the dishes are filled with sugar, salt, or sugar and salt based sauces. Finding something healthy to eat if you are on the run is neither too easy. My go to in cases like these are thus juices. 100% cold pressed juice with a mix of both vegetables and fruits. Tempting, fresh and tasty! Just a little tip from me to you if you are having the same challenges as me here in Bangkok 🙂

The week that passed

img_2704 img_2706 img_2645 img_2641img_2644 img_2532 img_2541 img_2643

Summarized through some Snapchats, this pretty much sums up my week that passed. Food, drinks, beach and gym. Nice to be back on track again! As you can see I’m a maniac when it comes to stickers and filters. Don’t think you’re ever going to see a snap from me without anything at all. That is when I’m allowed to let my free creative soul out in public… Wishing you all a great new week!


dsc08633 dsc08624 dsc08566 dsc08576 dsc08579 dsc08569 dsc08582 dsc08583 dsc08588 dsc08600


Norndee, our little hideaway for our stay in Hua Hin. The design is what made us fall for this place; a little hipster urban Scandinavian with a mix of beach vibes. Not too many guests, nicely located just a few min walk from the beach, and a fair little breakfast is included in the price. Next to the hotel you also find a little bar which also have the coolest design with live music and nice cocktails in the evening. Btw, do you like my new little outfit from JJ market? Only 100B (23 nok), what a bargain huh? Love that place! If I know myself right I will be returning JJ maaany times before I leave BKK. Have a nice Sunday lovelies, for me its classes all day.

Hua Hin


dsc08550 dsc08557 dsc08555

Blue sea and white beaches as long as eyes can see <3 We were hanging out at the pool this week, and suddenly, because of cravings for beach I guess, we were sitting in a car on our way to Hua Hin. This is where Bangkok people like to go for their holidays, and the city is crowded by beach resorts. To be honest, I think that is why you go there. We however, who are not used to having a beach available all the time, could not resist doing anything else than rolling around in the sand. As it is a part of the main land, the beach is not as beautiful as if you go to an island, but at least you get sand and water. Another big plus is that you get the whole beach to yourself as everyone else prefer pool and beach resorts. 3 hour drive from Bangkok is not too bad, but as always, be aware of the traffic!


DSC08308 DSC08174 DSC08076 DSC08105 DSC08126 DSC08144 DSC08133 DSC08156 DSC08169 DSC08200 DSC08213 DSC08283 DSC08321


I LOVE exploring! This time it was Ayutthaya, the old capital of the kingdom of Siam, with its many historical spots that was going down. I have to admit I don’t know a lot about Thai history, but even though I don’t, I really enjoyed Ayutthaya. I felt like a little Tomb Raider walking around in those ruins. These types of architecture and monuments really excites me, I find them so cool! The city is pretty big, and there is a lot of things to see. People normally go by a tuktuk, scooter, bicycle or feet to get around. We chose the bicycles as usual (need to burn those calories when you can right?), and I would really recommend you to as you then can cross the island on the smaller roads to get around. That is only possible by bicycle or feet. But honestly, feet will take you too long time and you will only be able to see a few things.

Before we went we read some guides about where to rent bicycles and other practicalities, thus we headed straight to the train station. ATTENTION PLEASE, don’t listen to the guides. If you rent the bikes next to the train station you need to bring them with you on the boat (Thai boat, not a big ferry, just sayin’) and carry them as a strong man up and down the long and steep stairs! Just cross the river, and get the bicycles right on the other side. And yes, that is another thing; you can actually get to the island (Ayutthaya is an island) by crossing the river and not the highway bridge. When we came we were told the only way to get to Ayutthaya was to cross the highway bridge. So there we were, 3 girls, one big highway and death in our eyes. I guess they tell you this because they want to you of with a tuktuk instead of the cheaper options as bicycles. However, as you already know we ended up with finding the boat who safely took us to the other side.

Ayutthaya is located 80km north of BKK, and you can get there by buss, mini van or train. Self I went with a mini van because that is supposed to be the quickest option. However, that only counts if the traffic isn’t too bad, which means you have to leave super early in the morning. The train will take you there just as fast, and it only costs a percentage of the price (Even though the mini van isn’t expensive either).

I really recommend Ayutthaya to those who like to just have a little adventure and see something cool. You don’t need to be a history fanatic at all. A perfect little day trip.