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Arkiv for februar 2017

Coffe break

Me writing a master thesis leads to a lot of discoveries, and especially of cafes. Thus I will share some of these hidden gems with you. I am constantly searching for the best place to work from, as sitting in my apartment all the time drives me crazy. The most important thing for me is the atmosphere, good wifi, and of course something delicious to nibble on. I am not a coffee nerd, and a delightful cup of tea, juice or smoothie is well as good for me. Here the other day I was walking up soi 26 in Sukhumvit, and realized this street has tons of cute cafes. I decided to try Hello Strangers Cafe, a perfectly sized cafe with Scandinavian industrial design with some quirky additions and amazing art. The place is calm (at least when I was there), and the music they play is perfect for studying, I didn’t even have to use my ear plugs. Try their signature coffee, Monkey Brain Latte. Not only does it taste yummy, but it is served in a super cool cup. Those who know me know that I often eat with my eyes more than my mouth!

Adress: Hello Strangers Cafe, Sukhumvit 26, Opposite Fourwings Hotel.


Cred: @tbarret

Cred: @wonderfruitfest

Can’t believe Wonderfruit is already over. Omg, what an amazing weekend! The festival is a immersion of arts, music, talks, workshops and food, where I would say that enjoyment is absolutely in focus. During daytime you can listen to interesting talks, engage in workshops or even have yourself a workout in everything from yoga and bellydancing to parkour and muay thai. I was only there for two out of the four days, and chose to go all in for the food and drinks. Hehe.. For sunset, everyone is gathering around the sun stage, and this is when the divas come out from their Boutique camps, and the party really starts. There are several stages around the festival camp with different music playing everywhere. My favorites were definitely Tiki bar, Bonafide and not to forget the Quarry. The last one is where you party your ass of before heading home (if you even make it home before sunrise that is..)
The festival is being held yearly in Pattaya, Thailand and is an event not to miss. It’s located at the plantation fields a Siam Country, and you feel like you are far away in the desserts separated from the rest of the worlds. The vibe was amazing, and I can’t wait till next time!

Hair talk

When moving to another country there is a lot of changes and differences from what you are used to. A new language, culture, food, but not at least, the hair situation! Yes, it is true, I’ve been living a few different places now, and all the countries have given me their own hair challenges. When living in Paris my hair was like steel wool and I was forced to cut it in a lot of layers Parisian style. Now, Thailand and its humidity is limiting my hair options. Normally I love to curl up my hear from time to time, but Bangkok, you are making it really difficult for me. I can be standing with my iron for an hour and 10 min later waiting for my cab I am realizing that they are already on their way out. Well now it sounds like I have living Medusa kind of hair, but relax, no snakes on top of this coconut.

Anyone of you been struggling with the same issues? Or anyone who knows the secret to turn them into an all nighter? If you ever see me walking around in Bangkok like this, trust me, its probably two bottles with hairspray up there. I miss my curls!

Student life back on track

Finally we’re there yo! And what I’m talking about is my master thesis. Been trying to figure out a topic to write about for ages, and now I’m ready. As many of you already know, I am currently studying Business Administration and Economics with my MSc in Marketing and Brand Management. What could then not be more suitable than writing about social media and influencer marketing. Super excited to start on the real work (yes I know…I’m secretly a big nerd that loves my study sessions). Bangkok have a lot of nice spots for studying, and I’ll probably check out more of them now. Yesterday I went to my neighbor cafe to get in a few hours of writing. Been telling you about this place before, but can’t do anything else than love this place. Bangkok don’t have too many healthy options, but Veganerie Concept is one of them. Coconut milk substitutes dairy products,  and a lot of their sweet dishes are sugar free!

Adress: Veganerie Concept, 35/2 Soi.Methiniwet (Sukhumvit24) behind Benjasiri Park 

Festival Season


                                                                                                                                                       (Source: Pinterest)

Here in Thailand it’s festival season right now, and numerous of festivals are coming up these following weeks. Wonderfruit, Maya and Mystical Valley are just around the corner. Myself, I’m going to Wonderfruit this year as I have heard amazing things about this 4 days festival located in Pattaya. Rumor has it it’s gonna be chill tunes, delicious food and amazing outfits. I can’t wait, and strolling the internet for inspiration!



Fun Fashion

Forgot to share this outfit with you! I guess many of you have already seen it on my Instagram @idakjoh, but here it goes; full version. Love the fluffiness and the length of the skirt. It makes me feel like a 10 year old princes and halloween witch at the same time. Is that even positive? I guess so!


The last couple of weeks I’ve been back in Norway for a little visit, and ended up being sick the full two weeks. It was super nice to meet friends and family again, even though it was a bit limited. Haven’t seen some of them for over 6 months! I also popped by Oslo and FJONG‘s new showroom. What the girls have going on there is super exciting, and their wardrobe has expanded into something enviable for any girl. But hey, the best part is that their closet can be yours! Vintage fever has also moved in with them, and it is now also possible to rent their purses. I wanted to buy almost all of their bags, but managed to behave. And just to end my Europe trip the best possible way I also had a pit stop in Monaco. Been there several times now, and the city is beautiful. Put on you best hiking shoes though, the city got more ups and downs than Bergen! Now I gotta continue to study, this girl got a master thesis to write.