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Arkiv for mai 2017

Favorite smoothies

My all time favorite breakfast, lunch, snack, yes actually all meals, is smoothie bowls. This has lead to me trying out all kinds of combinations of ingredients. Nowadays, these two colorful bowls are my favorites; a spinach and pineapple based smoothie, and a raspberry and cherry based one. I prefer to make mine with frozen ingredients as that makes the smoothie thicker. Thats why I prefer smoothie bowls over regular smoothies; they are supposed to be thicker so that you can eat it with a spoon! The main ingredients you use for a smoothie are frozen berries, fruits and vegetables, and some liquid of your choice. I like to add freshly pressed juice to get some more flavor, but you can use everything from milk, to coconut water and regular water to get the flavor you like. Here comes my recipes:


Green Power Bowl:




Lime juice

Ice cubes


Pink Berry Love:




Orange juice

Ice cubes



Back to Norway

Im back in Norway! Back to finish my final exam EVER, and to finalize my master thesis. Can’t believe after 7 years of studying I’m finally done. Working life awaits, and I can’t wait to start on new challenges. I’m excited to share my new job with you, but I’ll keep it a secret for now. It was extremely sad to leave Bangkok, the city is a buzzing adventure from morning till night. But the most sad thing was to leave all my friends, and my boyfriend. Wish I could bring them all with me to Norway. Except of that, being back in Norway is great. I have never appreciated fresh air this much, and how easy the lifestyle here is. You never have to wait hours in lines, almost everything can be solved on the phone or online, and you can walk almost anywhere or just jump in the car and go wherever you want in a few minutes. That is something I really appreciate about being back. I guess it was a good experience for me to live in a country as far from Norway as you could get. A piece of my heart is left in Bangkok, and I’m sure this is a place I will return many times.


10 Things to do in Bali

Don’t be scared by the little islands size, Bali has the most different activities that I have ever experienced all in one place. This is a spot for those who wish for an active holiday, as well as those who wants to relax and enjoy life. I have listed some of my favorite things from our trip to Bali, and I hope you enjoy!

1. Visit a Rice Field

It is something about rice fields that fascinate me, and I always wanted to see one live. I tried on my trip to Vietnam, but that was a rather unpleasant sight as it was pouring down, and the haze was thicker than a cotton candy. When we came to Bali this was therefore one of my top 5 stops. Bali has several rice fields everywhere, and you will see them everywhere when you are driving around in Bali. The Tegalalang rice field in Ubud is maybe the most picturesque and popular rice field in Bali. A hot tips: get there super early, or very late just before sunset to get a picture without any people in it. I thought this place was gonna ble like you always see in pictures, but when we came it was as any other tourist spot; crowded with people. However, we decided to climb the rice field all the way to the top and just sit there and relax for a while. Suddenly we realized we were almost there by ourselves. Knips knips!

2. Rent a Private Bungalow

Bali has tons of private bungalows to rent, and often they come with your own pool! The interior and design is so sleek, and I must admit I have opened my eyes to a new interior style after staying in Bali. I was searching on Pinterest for hours after I came back! The prices are pretty affordable, so I would definitely recommend it. You can stay in a hotel room any other day. We actually only stayed in bungalows in all the places we visited, and they all came with private pools. Except the one in Ubud, then we were going hard core and slept in a jugle hut!

3. Stay Like Robinson Cruesoe

Ok I’m made exaggerating a bit, but the little island Bali actually have several other smaller islands around it that it worth a visit. The Gili islands are easy to get to from Bali, and only a few hour boat ride we were at the Gili Meno. This island is teeny tiny, and you can walk around it in less than two hours. There are no cars around the island, and if you want to get around it is by foot, bicycle or horse and carriage. This is definitely a place if you want to totally relax. You barely see any people before after sunset when everyone is out to get something to eat in (surprisingly) one of the many restaurants. In day time, I promise you, we bare saw anyone. And don’t forget to snorkle! Rent a private boat and go out on a tour. There is a turtle sanctuary close to Gili Meno, and I can almost guarantee that you will see a turtle. Even if you just swim out from the beach where you are staying you might be lucky to see some of these cool creatures.

4. Visit the Monkey Park

I’m a sucker for monkeys. Together with dogs, they are my favorite animals. How many times haven’t I been dreaming about having a little monkey in my apartment! Bali has a monkey park in Ubud, where you can get super close on the monkeys.

5. Visit a Waterfall

Bali has a lot of cool waterfalls, and some of them are quite easy to get to. We rented a bike and drove all the way up to Tegenungang waterfall. Bring your bikini, cuz you can actually swim in the water. Trying to take a shower under the fall is rather impossible, it is insanely strong. But I dare you! Try and see if you can do it.

6. Experience Traditional Dance

Around the several temples for sunset you can experience traditional balinese dance Kecak. It is a religious and artistic performance where they tell a story through their dance. There are no instruments involved, as they create the music with their own voices. Originally the participants are to get into some kind of trance, and the dance is a religious act. However, I would say that this has become a rather touristy activity, where the temple is packed with curious souls and they charge tickets for you to both enter the temple and the show. Anyways, the tickets aren’t expensive, and I thought it was a lot of fun to see a bit of their ancient culture.

7. Visit a Bar for Sunset

One of our favorite activities when we had the time was to go to any bar or restaurant and take in the beautiful sunsets. I think my favorite place to watch the sunset was in Uluwatu, as this city is situated along cliffs, and a lot of the bars and restaurants are built on top of them, giving an extraordinary view. We visited the Single Fin beach club, which is one of the most popular spots in Uluwatu. And an extra plus, on Sundays it turns into a big party for all the surfers and non-surfers. Take note; it is the place to be. But be aware: if you wanna have a seat, come early! We came two hours before sunset, but it was already packed. Luckily we were super lucky and got some perfect seats outwards the sea. Get a jug of Margharita and something to nibble on and wait for sunset. The view is spectacular. After that you’ve probably finished both one and two jugs, and the rest of the night go by itself.

8. Hike a Volcano

Get up super early and climb your way up in the pitch dark up a volcano and rewards yourself with the most amazing sunset you’ll ever see. The hike takes a few hours, but is feasible for most people that are comfortable with hiking. Bring some extra clothes for the top, cuz its going to be freezing.

9. Surfing

It is a must do! Either you have never tried before, or you are a decent wave rider, surfing is a must do when in Bali. We tried out both Seminyak, Cangu, and Uluwatu. Both Seminyak and Uluwatu had great beaches for newbies like me, but Uluwatu was definitely a favorite. In Cangu I had to pass as the waves got a bit too scary for my taste. You just go to any surf beach there is at the place you are staying, and there are several places to rent a board. There is also always several instructors there to teach you, no need to go to a surf school. Didn’t manage to get any shots, as you should leave all your valuables in your room. You never know who’s around on the beach.

10. Healthy Eating

There are tons of healthy cafes in Bali with the most tempting dishes. I have never visited any place where it is that easy to eat healthy. A lot of super foods, organics, greens, vegan places and yes, everything healthy you can imagine. I’m gonna share a restaurant and cafe guide with you later, its just too many good places not to miss.


Always on adventure

This easter holiday/Songkran I decided to take some time of and go to Bali. I’m soon going back to Norway, and Bali was one of those places I just had to check off before leaving. The flight from Bangkok is only 4 hours, and totally manageable. As a first time visiter I wanted to get a little piece of everything Bali has to offer, and truth to be told; I sure did. 10 days was surely not enough, and I’m definitely going back as soon as I have the opportunity. Bali literarily got something for everyone. The yoga crew hides in lush Ubud, the big city girls who just can’t live without their lattes do their shopping in Seminyak, the surfers of the world hang out in Uluwatu, and the Robinson Cruesos of us escape at the Gili Islands. I even heard that the party animals can have a good time in Kuta. At the moment I’m working on a little Bali guide, and I’m gonna share some of my Bali tips with you guys. Until then, have a lovely one <3