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I LOVE exploring! This time it was Ayutthaya, the old capital of the kingdom of Siam, with its many historical spots that was going down. I have to admit I don’t know a lot about Thai history, but even though I don’t, I really enjoyed Ayutthaya. I felt like a little Tomb Raider walking around in those ruins. These types of architecture and monuments really excites me, I find them so cool! The city is pretty big, and there is a lot of things to see. People normally go by a tuktuk, scooter, bicycle or feet to get around. We chose the bicycles as usual (need to burn those calories when you can right?), and I would really recommend you to as you then can cross the island on the smaller roads to get around. That is only possible by bicycle or feet. But honestly, feet will take you too long time and you will only be able to see a few things.

Before we went we read some guides about where to rent bicycles and other practicalities, thus we headed straight to the train station. ATTENTION PLEASE, don’t listen to the guides. If you rent the bikes next to the train station you need to bring them with you on the boat (Thai boat, not a big ferry, just sayin’) and carry them as a strong man up and down the long and steep stairs! Just cross the river, and get the bicycles right on the other side. And yes, that is another thing; you can actually get to the island (Ayutthaya is an island) by crossing the river and not the highway bridge. When we came we were told the only way to get to Ayutthaya was to cross the highway bridge. So there we were, 3 girls, one big highway and death in our eyes. I guess they tell you this because they want to you of with a tuktuk instead of the cheaper options as bicycles. However, as you already know we ended up with finding the boat who safely took us to the other side.

Ayutthaya is located 80km north of BKK, and you can get there by buss, mini van or train. Self I went with a mini van because that is supposed to be the quickest option. However, that only counts if the traffic isn’t too bad, which means you have to leave super early in the morning. The train will take you there just as fast, and it only costs a percentage of the price (Even though the mini van isn’t expensive either).

I really recommend Ayutthaya to those who like to just have a little adventure and see something cool. You don’t need to be a history fanatic at all. A perfect little day trip.