Im back in Norway! Back to finish my final exam EVER, and to finalize my master thesis. Can’t believe after 7 years of studying I’m finally done. Working life awaits, and I can’t wait to start on new challenges. I’m excited to share my new job with you, but I’ll keep it a secret for now. It was extremely sad to leave Bangkok, the city is a buzzing adventure from morning till night. But the most sad thing was to leave all my friends, and my boyfriend. Wish I could bring them all with me to Norway. Except of that, being back in Norway is great. I have never appreciated fresh air this much, and how easy the lifestyle here is. You never have to wait hours in lines, almost everything can be solved on the phone or online, and you can walk almost anywhere or just jump in the car and go wherever you want in a few minutes. That is something I really appreciate about being back. I guess it was a good experience for me to live in a country as far from Norway as you could get. A piece of my heart is left in Bangkok, and I’m sure this is a place I will return many times.