Me writing a master thesis leads to a lot of discoveries, and especially of cafes. Thus I will share some of these hidden gems with you. I am constantly searching for the best place to work from, as sitting in my apartment all the time drives me crazy. The most important thing for me is the atmosphere, good wifi, and of course something delicious to nibble on. I am not a coffee nerd, and a delightful cup of tea, juice or smoothie is well as good for me. Here the other day I was walking up soi 26 in Sukhumvit, and realized this street has tons of cute cafes. I decided to try Hello Strangers Cafe, a perfectly sized cafe with Scandinavian industrial design with some quirky additions and amazing art. The place is calm (at least when I was there), and the music they play is perfect for studying, I didn’t even have to use my ear plugs. Try their signature coffee, Monkey Brain Latte. Not only does it taste yummy, but it is served in a super cool cup. Those who know me know that I often eat with my eyes more than my mouth!

Adress: Hello Strangers Cafe, Sukhumvit 26, Opposite Fourwings Hotel.