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Im going to give you a little tip of what to to in Hong Kong that does not involve shopping; Hiking! Most people don’t go to Hong Kong to go hiking, but I would really recommend this little hike on the Dragons back. You start your hike by taking the bus only a short 30-40 min ride from the city center, up to the mountains. From there you start your journey on the dragons back, a trip that google suggested to be 4 hours, but in reality it was only two. Maybe if you go all Asian and stop to take pictures everywhere it will be 4 in the end.. The hike is fun, as it has a lot of different terrain as stairs, open hills, and paths hidden in craters. And the best about the whole trip is the spectacular view you are able to see every time you reach a height. If you want to, and what we did, was to extend our trip a tiny bit and walk all the way to a nice little beach. In my opinion, the best way to relax after a hike.


And by the way, a lot of traveling these days. As we speak I’m actually in Laos! The computer is staying home, thus some late updates. But better late than never. For more updates from my travels follow me on Instagram @idakjoh or Snapchat: Idajohlol.