My all time favorite breakfast, lunch, snack, yes actually all meals, is smoothie bowls. This has lead to me trying out all kinds of combinations of ingredients. Nowadays, these two colorful bowls are my favorites; a spinach and pineapple based smoothie, and a raspberry and cherry based one. I prefer to make mine with frozen ingredients as that makes the smoothie thicker. Thats why I prefer smoothie bowls over regular smoothies; they are supposed to be thicker so that you can eat it with a spoon! The main ingredients you use for a smoothie are frozen berries, fruits and vegetables, and some liquid of your choice. I like to add freshly pressed juice to get some more flavor, but you can use everything from milk, to coconut water and regular water to get the flavor you like. Here comes my recipes:


Green Power Bowl:




Lime juice

Ice cubes


Pink Berry Love:




Orange juice

Ice cubes