Forgot to share this outfit with you! I guess many of you have already seen it on my Instagram @idakjoh, but here it goes; full version. Love the fluffiness and the length of the skirt. It makes me feel like a 10 year old princes and halloween witch at the same time. Is that even positive? I guess so!


The last couple of weeks I’ve been back in Norway for a little visit, and ended up being sick the full two weeks. It was super nice to meet friends and family again, even though it was a bit limited. Haven’t seen some of them for over 6 months! I also popped by Oslo and FJONG‘s new showroom. What the girls have going on there is super exciting, and their wardrobe has expanded into something enviable for any girl. But hey, the best part is that their closet can be yours! Vintage fever has also moved in with them, and it is now also possible to rent their purses. I wanted to buy almost all of their bags, but managed to behave. And just to end my Europe trip the best possible way I also had a pit stop in Monaco. Been there several times now, and the city is beautiful. Put on you best hiking shoes though, the city got more ups and downs than Bergen! Now I gotta continue to study, this girl got a master thesis to write.