When moving to another country there is a lot of changes and differences from what you are used to. A new language, culture, food, but not at least, the hair situation! Yes, it is true, I’ve been living a few different places now, and all the countries have given me their own hair challenges. When living in Paris my hair was like steel wool and I was forced to cut it in a lot of layers Parisian style. Now, Thailand and its humidity is limiting my hair options. Normally I love to curl up my hear from time to time, but Bangkok, you are making it really difficult for me. I can be standing with my iron for an hour and 10 min later waiting for my cab I am realizing that they are already on their way out. Well now it sounds like I have living Medusa kind of hair, but relax, no snakes on top of this coconut.

Anyone of you been struggling with the same issues? Or anyone who knows the secret to turn them into an all nighter? If you ever see me walking around in Bangkok like this, trust me, its probably two bottles with hairspray up there. I miss my curls!