I just love getting packages, and this week a cute little package dumped into my mailbox. It’s like a tiny little christmas eve every time. This time I received a package from Happybox, and it contained severals of different beauty products. Also love the little color theme they got going on there. I am a big time variety seeker, and a marketers worst nightmare as I always have to try new brands and products. Therefore, Happybox is nothing but perfect for me! 4 times a year they send you a box with different beauty products in full size(!) that you can try out. I have already tried several of the products, and tonight the face mask is going on. Got a little sunburn in this weekends trip to Koh Samet, and my skin needs all the hydration it can get!


One of the products I got was this badass rack with perfumes from Commo. I got the «Her box» with 14 different perfumes to try out, and as I love trying out new perfumes, I felt like a kid in a candy store. The perfumes range from sweet notes, to more spicy and androgyn scents. Of course I got myself some favorites, and if I only had to pick 1, which I can’t. I’d go for «Celia» and «Elena». Both are pretty girly, but not too sweet. I like my perfumes girly and sweet, but with a hint of some kind of spice.