There is always a first time for everything. For me, it is blogging. A lot of people might ask why I start to blog now, and the reason is simply that I feel now is the right time for me.

I will thus dedicate this first post to introduce myself; My name is Ida Johansen, and I am a Norwegian student in my final year of my MSc in Economics and Business Administration. My specialization is in Marketing and Brand Management, and I love my study! I have a passion for fashion, and through this blog I will share this interest along with my eye for beautiful details. I am a esthetician and tend to search for the beauty in things; whether it is a lunch box or a fashion show. Furthermore, I am a wanderluster! My family has a traveling gene, which they did not forget to pass further to me. As traveling has become a big part of my lifestyle I hope to share my adventures with you. Right now I am traveling throughout Norway, but pretty soon I am actually moving to Bangkok for a little while. Because of that I decided to start this blog in English, and I will take it from there. This blog will contain pieces of my life and my interest. I am guessing you will find some fashion, traveling, food, architecture, interior and maybe some fitness. But this is just a wild guess!

So let’s see how this goes, I am eager to start blogging, and hope that I can share this experience with you!

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