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The past few days I have been visiting Hong Kong, and omg what is not to love! The city is uber modern in many ways, and sky scrapers are popping up everywhere. Hong Kong has everything to offer when it comes to shopping and restaurants. It is very easy and convenient to get around, so it doesn’t matter if you stay on the mainland or the island. One of our main destinations, as of any other tourist, was the Victoria peak. The place is crowded, and it takes forever to get there (ehm..2 hours to buy tickets to the tram), but even after fighting with targeted Chinese people, the view that awaits you is spectacular. As the spartan Norwegian I am, I was expecting a normal lookout post, maybe with a little telescope, but no way José. The Hong Kongers have of course created a fancy little shopping mall with restaurants and even a Madame Tussauds.  Do I need to remind you that Hong Kong is a shopping mekka?

More about my trip to Hong Kong in later posts!