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A must do while being in Thailand is going to the tailor! That is something you don’t exactly do every day in Norway, and in Thailand its really affordable. To get a piece that fits you perfectly is luxury! I’ve been in Thailand several times with my family, and I remember one of the hardest things was to find which tailor to go to. It is so many of them, and unfortunately one might get disappointed when it comes to all the amazing offers they are promoting. Be aware, if 100% silk has a price that is too good to be true, it might actually be the case.

Lucky me was invited to a tailor called Nickermann’s, who are located in The Landmark hotel in Sukhumvit in Bangkok. The people working here are great, and it seems like they have a lot of experience! I have a lot of opinions of how I want things, but the lady helping me, several times had to point out ideas that might not be as good as I thought… Like making sure that the pants aren’t too tight so you can sit, haha. I like that they are not afraid to tell you what works or not so that you will not end up with a little disappointment. No doubt they are very skilled in what they are doing. I had several fittings to make sure everything was perfect, but still they were able to deliver everything in a week. Super quick! Which is a big plus if you’re a tourist who’s here only for a few days. If you are considering getting something made while you are here I fully recommend these guys. Even Lonely Planet does, so if you dont trust me you can listen to them hehe.


What do you think? Im totally in love with the green. Tried a suit with the same color at Zara, but unfortunately it didn’t fit me and I have been dreaming about it since then. And btw if you’re wondering if its too warm to wear a suit like this in Bangkok? No way Hose, they are world champions on AC here.

My favorite study spots

Hello? Is anyone there? Yes I am still alive, I’ve just been very busy writing on my master thesis. I feel that’s what everything evolve around these days. And then in the weekends I just give myself over to whatever fun that is on the plan. I promise, I will share more with you! Gonna make it up to you now by sharing a rather long post.

Well, all my absence and writing haven’t been wasted for nothing. I’ve been visiting every corner and coffee cup that has been in my walking distance, yes I’ve even walked 60 min one way just to try out something new (No, taxi and bikes in Bangkok are still super cheap, I just got myself an Apple watch, and I’m becoming obsessed with reaching my daily step goal…) which have resulted in this great little «Where to work/study»-list for you! For me, a good study place needs to have a certain vibe. It can’t be to busy with people running in and out all the time, but it can’t neither be super quiet. Plugs, great wifi and comfortable working space is also important. And last, but not least; yummy energy enhancers! I’m not the biggest coffee drinker and I easily get through my day, even week, without a cup. However, I do love me some iced milk based coffees, or something fun with a twist. Bangkok do have a lot of Starbucks’, Au Bon Pain’s and True Coffee’s, and I do go there from time to time, but as those are not as hidden and undiscovered for many of you, I choose to share the more hidden gems. Sit down, relax, and tomorrow you go to try to work in some of these places. I’ve done all the work for you here:


 Address: Baker Gonna Bake, Sukhumvit 26.

One of the bigger cafes that I’ve been visiting in Sukhumvit 26. The interior takes you back to a little farm on the country side, and it is beautiful and well put together. Everywhere you look, on the walls, seats and tables, you find small little quotes giving a nice little touch. I went for a ice matcha latte, and for not being Japanese, I found it delicious! This place also serves a lot of food, both western and thai, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their menu is typical Thai with everything you can find. They also have a little bakery selling all kinds of goodies like cakes and cookies, but this time I had to pass. Their tables and chairs on the other hand was not very perfect for a long reading session, and I will not recommend this place if you plan on killing tons of hours. However, I do think this place is better as a brunch place rather than a study spot!


Address: Fill in the Blank, Sukhumvit 61 Alley, Ekkamai

I’ve always wanted to try out this place for brunch, but for some reason it has just been pushed down on my list. This place is pretty far away from where I live, but after a huge detour due to another closed cafe (Theera, gotta save it for later!), I ended up in Ekkamai. The place is a bit hard to find, as it is not in the main road, but as that was not enough, it is not even a part of the main alley either. To find this place you need to get into a side street of a side street. If you know where Counting Sheep (another super nice brunch place) is, Fill in the Blank is just hidden around the corner. After 60+ min walk, I decided to treat myself to a popcorn caramel milkshake! Yum! Okay, so the caramel popcorn was maybe better than the actual shake who almost only tasted like sweet milk. But they have so many other milkshakes that look sooo good, that I just have to go back! However, this place caught me off guard. I was expecting to just stay here for one hour or something, but I found myself a big working table in the corner, and suddenly I even had to order lunch. Primarily I would recommend this place as a brunch/lunch type of place (their menu looks really good), but I actually did enjoy it as a good study place too. Most of the people around are eating and talking, so if you feel like you need more people doing the same as you; this is not the place.


Address: Yellow Spoon, Ekkamai Alley 19

One of my favorites! This spot was also discovered by a coincidence when I was originally looking for the neighbor (who also was closed..). As I was standing lost in a small side street with literarily nothing else inside, I decided to have a look inside this place. And I do not regret it! It is the smallest little place, and for all the hours I was working there I was always by myself. In the middle of the shop there is a big kitchen table, and sitting in someones house and kitchen is exactly how I felt like. After a while I started to understand that their main business is delivery of cakes and pastries around Bangkok, as several drivers and customers came to pick up stuff. Their coffee menu isn’t to brag about, and if you are a big coffee lover who appreciates that the most, Little Spoon isn’t for you. However, are you a cake lover as me, this is exactly the place you should visit. Their cakes and pastries don’t have any artificials, emulsifiers or any chemical products, and are only made with real products. Their emphasis is on the taste and how products originally should be, so they leave the decorations and stuff to others. Even though their latte was a bit dull, their cheese cake did not disappoint! Btw, I forgot to tell you, they even make a lot of gluten free, dairy free and sugar free stuff 🙂


Address: Sora City, Sukhumvit 26

Another little hidden gem in Sukhumvit 26. Sora City is actually a gallery, cafe and outlet for fancy hipster bikes. The place is super small, with only a few tables, but the atmosphere and coffee was good. On their menu they have propper coffee, and some more creative (and sugary) options for the more daring ones. They also serve American pancakes! And if I remember correctly, that’s the only other thing they sell. The pictures looked good, and if I go back, I think I should try.  The lady working there was really nice, and all in all it was a nice place to work from. However, I could not get rid of the kind of strange feeling sitting in a bicycle shop. It was no one who came to even look at the bikes, but still, they are kind of right in your face, and it was just something a bit strange with all of that.



Address: Hello Strangers, Sukhumvit soi 26

I just posted a rather detailed post about this place, but I figured out that I had to put it here as well as it is one of my favorites. Actually, it is my favorite in soi 26. This is a place for coffee lovers, art lovers, and people that just wanna study or work in a cool and quite environment. Small little place, and as with the other small places I have listed here, you gotta be comfortable with being almost by yourself with the owners/workers. But that is some of the things I appreciate.

Coffe break

Me writing a master thesis leads to a lot of discoveries, and especially of cafes. Thus I will share some of these hidden gems with you. I am constantly searching for the best place to work from, as sitting in my apartment all the time drives me crazy. The most important thing for me is the atmosphere, good wifi, and of course something delicious to nibble on. I am not a coffee nerd, and a delightful cup of tea, juice or smoothie is well as good for me. Here the other day I was walking up soi 26 in Sukhumvit, and realized this street has tons of cute cafes. I decided to try Hello Strangers Cafe, a perfectly sized cafe with Scandinavian industrial design with some quirky additions and amazing art. The place is calm (at least when I was there), and the music they play is perfect for studying, I didn’t even have to use my ear plugs. Try their signature coffee, Monkey Brain Latte. Not only does it taste yummy, but it is served in a super cool cup. Those who know me know that I often eat with my eyes more than my mouth!

Adress: Hello Strangers Cafe, Sukhumvit 26, Opposite Fourwings Hotel.

Student life back on track

Finally we’re there yo! And what I’m talking about is my master thesis. Been trying to figure out a topic to write about for ages, and now I’m ready. As many of you already know, I am currently studying Business Administration and Economics with my MSc in Marketing and Brand Management. What could then not be more suitable than writing about social media and influencer marketing. Super excited to start on the real work (yes I know…I’m secretly a big nerd that loves my study sessions). Bangkok have a lot of nice spots for studying, and I’ll probably check out more of them now. Yesterday I went to my neighbor cafe to get in a few hours of writing. Been telling you about this place before, but can’t do anything else than love this place. Bangkok don’t have too many healthy options, but Veganerie Concept is one of them. Coconut milk substitutes dairy products,  and a lot of their sweet dishes are sugar free!

Adress: Veganerie Concept, 35/2 Soi.Methiniwet (Sukhumvit24) behind Benjasiri Park 

Fashion Army


No secret that one of my favorite colors are green, military style. Especially these days I’m surrounding myself in everything of this color. I guess it is my way of dressing «winterly» in the lack of seasons. Well, if I cannot wrap myself in chunky knits, at least I can commit to the colors. Btw seen these shoes? Takes one hour to get into them, but what does one not to feel a bit Kardashian for some hours. And these shoes I could never use in Norway at this time; SCORE!

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When in Doubt


Bumping in to say hi and show you this easy little outfit. When in doubt, denim saves the day. And this killer heels? In love! Except the time they actually almost killed me. But let’s save that story for later. Have a nice day lovelies <3

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Broccoli Revolution


I have to admit, I’m no vegan or vegetarian person, but after moving to Bangkok I have found myself craving greens, nuts and seeds more than ever. Don’t understand me wrong, I LOVE thai food, but it does not, as you might have thought, have a lot of vegetables. Also everything is cooked in a way or the other, and strange as I am, I prefer my food cold…  This has lead me to discover the many great vegan and vegetarian cafes and restaurants around. Broccoli Revolution; no disappointment! A large menu to choose from with everything from Thai dishes to European selections and freshly cold pressed juice. I have tried this place as both dinner and lunch spot, and both things work perfectly.

ADRESS: 899 Sukhumvit Road, Klong-Nua, Vaddhana, Bangkok 10110.

Busy Bangkok


Bangkok oh so busy. Getting around in Bangkok is a challenge, and a skill you need to develop sooner than later. The infrastructure is poorly developed, and the public transportation is rather limited relatively to the size of the city. This leads to the thousands of traffic jams and road blocks throughout the day. I don’t even wanna think about how many hours I have spent in a taxi just waiting. (An extra power bank and numerous of hours of scrolling Instagram have saved me here). That everything and everyone is out on the streets doesn’t exactly help the traffic. Cars, busses, scooters, taxis, food stalls, old ladies selling their things, pedestrians (because sidewalks are non existing), dogs, you name it.

So girl, if heading to Bangkok I recommend you to always add 15 min extra to your schedule, marry google map, jump on the BTS for longer distances and get comfortable with riding on the back of a taxi motorbike. Good luck, you are probably gonna be late anyways!

Mesh Shoes

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Meeting up with Espen after lunch today, showing him the new Emporium and EmQuartier. Super nice and luxurious shopping malls in Bangkok. This is where to go to find all the upscale brands, and they have everything from Chanel, Chloe and LV to the a bit rougher like Carven, Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone. Keeping the outfit simple today, spicing it up with my new awesome mesh shoes from Zara. Love it black, and love it mesh. Using my city and Celinés to rock it up a bit. My natural look is a bit to cute, and I always have to try to spice things up to not look like a little school girl. Oh them life struggles!

Pool time

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Earlier I was living a bit far away from the city center, but last week I moved downtown to Sukhumvit. This is where everything is happening in Bangkok, and if you are planning to visit, Sukhumvit is the place to stay. I was super lucky with my new apartment, and not to forget my new pool. Look at this amazing view! Show me a better pool view and I give you 1000 baht.