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Let’s try something new!

I’m a coward, or wait, am I just a bit reasonable? This is not gonna be a post discussing whether I am the one or the other. The fact is that I don’t want to inject anything in my body, or use strong chemicals to change parts of my body. I have stretched my limits to eyelash extensions and an occasional hair coloring now and then, even that also freaks me out.


I’ve torn the internet after more gentle ways to whiten my teeth after way too much tea drinking, and after seeing charcoal products popping up everywhere I was super happy when this product showed up. It seems like charcoal is the new shit, and in Bangkok they used it for everything; charcoal burgers, bread, hairdressers, ice cream, toothpaste, soap, yeah, you name it. And now, I was ready to try COCO by Skintechnology. I mashed my toothbrush into the small little jar with black powder, laughed my way through how strange it looked, and was super expectant to see the result afterwards. Then the big question, did it work? To be totally honest I didn’t see much of a result. Who am I kidding, my mouth was super black! Okay, Ida you are never gonna become a stand up comedian… But seriously, I did not see too much of a difference. However, this product is not the same as a regular teeth whitening product, and will naturally not give the same results. Which is exactly why I decided to try. I am gonna try it several times and hopefully over time I will notice a difference. That would have saved my problem!

But now over to something that definitely worked straight away! Instaplumper by Skintechnologies. I think I’ll cover it with OMG. OMG it hurts, OMG it WORKS! Yes, cuz to be honest you could really feel your lips get an effect from this product. The package already prepared me for it on beforehand, and the superwoman as I am, I stripped on the plastic patches. Ready to get pouchy perfect lips. The package also said that you had to leave the plastic there for 15-60 min, but superwoman only lasted for 5…

But this you guys, this product absolutely works! As they say, no pain no gain #yolo. I could really se a big difference, and this is the first plumping product I’ve ever tried with such good results. The effect lasted for around 1 hour. Next time I’m gonna try to leave it on for a longer time and see if the effect is gonna stick even longer. You know what, I’m gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. And NO, I’m not trying to make a duck face here, this is actually the effect!


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Because I’m happy

If I could have put on a song that was playing at the same time you were reading this post, it would have been «Happy – Farell Williams». Okay I’m a bit tacky at times, you should give my creative mind some extra space. Things like this might pop up then.. But it’s mail time! And for me, that means Happybox time. The theme of this box is nails and smile, okay that’s my imagination again, but the box comes with nail polish, a file and cuticle oil, and for the lips a super cute lipstick that I can’t wait to try and a whitening pen! And just to not forget the last product, an exfoliating cream. The Happybox couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I’m out of almost everything since I moved back from Thailand, and I only brought back my necessities. My brother, which I’m staying at this moment, is not as happy, as these happy products have won the war against his warriors; a toothbrush and a box with wax. But I saw his look on the whitening pen, I think I have to hide it before its gone…



Back to Norway

Im back in Norway! Back to finish my final exam EVER, and to finalize my master thesis. Can’t believe after 7 years of studying I’m finally done. Working life awaits, and I can’t wait to start on new challenges. I’m excited to share my new job with you, but I’ll keep it a secret for now. It was extremely sad to leave Bangkok, the city is a buzzing adventure from morning till night. But the most sad thing was to leave all my friends, and my boyfriend. Wish I could bring them all with me to Norway. Except of that, being back in Norway is great. I have never appreciated fresh air this much, and how easy the lifestyle here is. You never have to wait hours in lines, almost everything can be solved on the phone or online, and you can walk almost anywhere or just jump in the car and go wherever you want in a few minutes. That is something I really appreciate about being back. I guess it was a good experience for me to live in a country as far from Norway as you could get. A piece of my heart is left in Bangkok, and I’m sure this is a place I will return many times.




I just love getting packages, and this week a cute little package dumped into my mailbox. It’s like a tiny little christmas eve every time. This time I received a package from Happybox, and it contained severals of different beauty products. Also love the little color theme they got going on there. I am a big time variety seeker, and a marketers worst nightmare as I always have to try new brands and products. Therefore, Happybox is nothing but perfect for me! 4 times a year they send you a box with different beauty products in full size(!) that you can try out. I have already tried several of the products, and tonight the face mask is going on. Got a little sunburn in this weekends trip to Koh Samet, and my skin needs all the hydration it can get!


One of the products I got was this badass rack with perfumes from Commo. I got the «Her box» with 14 different perfumes to try out, and as I love trying out new perfumes, I felt like a kid in a candy store. The perfumes range from sweet notes, to more spicy and androgyn scents. Of course I got myself some favorites, and if I only had to pick 1, which I can’t. I’d go for «Celia» and «Elena». Both are pretty girly, but not too sweet. I like my perfumes girly and sweet, but with a hint of some kind of spice.


Cred: @tbarret

Cred: @wonderfruitfest

Can’t believe Wonderfruit is already over. Omg, what an amazing weekend! The festival is a immersion of arts, music, talks, workshops and food, where I would say that enjoyment is absolutely in focus. During daytime you can listen to interesting talks, engage in workshops or even have yourself a workout in everything from yoga and bellydancing to parkour and muay thai. I was only there for two out of the four days, and chose to go all in for the food and drinks. Hehe.. For sunset, everyone is gathering around the sun stage, and this is when the divas come out from their Boutique camps, and the party really starts. There are several stages around the festival camp with different music playing everywhere. My favorites were definitely Tiki bar, Bonafide and not to forget the Quarry. The last one is where you party your ass of before heading home (if you even make it home before sunrise that is..)
The festival is being held yearly in Pattaya, Thailand and is an event not to miss. It’s located at the plantation fields a Siam Country, and you feel like you are far away in the desserts separated from the rest of the worlds. The vibe was amazing, and I can’t wait till next time!

Hair talk

When moving to another country there is a lot of changes and differences from what you are used to. A new language, culture, food, but not at least, the hair situation! Yes, it is true, I’ve been living a few different places now, and all the countries have given me their own hair challenges. When living in Paris my hair was like steel wool and I was forced to cut it in a lot of layers Parisian style. Now, Thailand and its humidity is limiting my hair options. Normally I love to curl up my hear from time to time, but Bangkok, you are making it really difficult for me. I can be standing with my iron for an hour and 10 min later waiting for my cab I am realizing that they are already on their way out. Well now it sounds like I have living Medusa kind of hair, but relax, no snakes on top of this coconut.

Anyone of you been struggling with the same issues? Or anyone who knows the secret to turn them into an all nighter? If you ever see me walking around in Bangkok like this, trust me, its probably two bottles with hairspray up there. I miss my curls!

Student life back on track

Finally we’re there yo! And what I’m talking about is my master thesis. Been trying to figure out a topic to write about for ages, and now I’m ready. As many of you already know, I am currently studying Business Administration and Economics with my MSc in Marketing and Brand Management. What could then not be more suitable than writing about social media and influencer marketing. Super excited to start on the real work (yes I know…I’m secretly a big nerd that loves my study sessions). Bangkok have a lot of nice spots for studying, and I’ll probably check out more of them now. Yesterday I went to my neighbor cafe to get in a few hours of writing. Been telling you about this place before, but can’t do anything else than love this place. Bangkok don’t have too many healthy options, but Veganerie Concept is one of them. Coconut milk substitutes dairy products,  and a lot of their sweet dishes are sugar free!

Adress: Veganerie Concept, 35/2 Soi.Methiniwet (Sukhumvit24) behind Benjasiri Park 

Festival Season


                                                                                                                                                       (Source: Pinterest)

Here in Thailand it’s festival season right now, and numerous of festivals are coming up these following weeks. Wonderfruit, Maya and Mystical Valley are just around the corner. Myself, I’m going to Wonderfruit this year as I have heard amazing things about this 4 days festival located in Pattaya. Rumor has it it’s gonna be chill tunes, delicious food and amazing outfits. I can’t wait, and strolling the internet for inspiration!



Fashionista of the year!

The headline says it all; I’ve been lucky to run away with Femelle’s title as «Fashionista of the year 2016». I’m forever grateful, and want to say thank you to everyone that has voted for me. I startet to blog just a few months ago, and it’s all still very new to me. I’m very humble, and it makes me super happy to know that you have taken your time to give me your vote, and that you wanted to give it to me. I also want to say congratulations to all the other Femelle girls that won in their category! You all did a great job 🙂


Shoe Heaven


Popped into YSL this week while I was in Singapore (new buys coming up), and lord give me strength! The shoe rack presented at YSL these days are no more than fab. Silver, black, white and nudes are going straight home to this girl. Give me some khaki Tributes and I’ll walk that extra mile on the treadmill today (IN them ofc). But no matter of all the inches these shoes were trying to fight over to get ones attention, my attention was drawn to the black slippers. Slay as we say.



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