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The Week that passed

Yet another week has passed, and so quickly! Sunday updates now became Tuesday, but you know what, better late than never. This week has been the week for trying new stuff; Thai cooking class (went a little over board with the pictures), Virtual reality gaming, Indiedish delivery, and a trip to a new country. Could not wish for a better week. Did not bring my computer overseas, so updates from Singapore coming soon!

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Fashionista of the year?

Hey lovelies! I have just been nominated as «Fashionista of the year» by Femelle, and I am forever grateful. When I started to blog just a few months ago I never expected this. However, it gives me tons of motivation, no matter how the results will be. Femelle has a bad ass crew of girls blogging for them, and I am proud to be a part of this team. I wish all the girls good luck!


Just press the picture and it will take you straight to the voting page. THANK YOU! <3


The week that passed

A new permanent post coming up on Sundays; the week that passed (through my story lense). To reminisce is always important, and pictures make it easier to keep those memories. So here it goes, a little flow of those small moments from my week.


Pool time

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Earlier I was living a bit far away from the city center, but last week I moved downtown to Sukhumvit. This is where everything is happening in Bangkok, and if you are planning to visit, Sukhumvit is the place to stay. I was super lucky with my new apartment, and not to forget my new pool. Look at this amazing view! Show me a better pool view and I give you 1000 baht.

Early mornings

img_3268 img_3269

Some of the best things I know is to wake up really early and just spend a few hours to myself doing nothing. It’s something magical about these moments, and you feel like you are the only person awake while everyone else is still sleeping. The world has a little break, and there are no responsibilities or tasks that yet need to be done, its just too early. And by that I’m wishing you all a good morning <3

how to spend your evening

aa_orphanblack_thumbnail_s2_02_web orphan-black-blogrolljpg-7821b5_1280w 960 orphan-black

(Foto: BBC America)

Whatever you are doing, stop doing it and put on this show instead! Orphan Black is a show that came out of nowhere for me, and I must say that it has surprised me a lot. I did not have any expectations for it, but after the first episode I was SOLD! Normally I would have to watch 3-4 episodes before I’m in the game, but not this time. I don’t want to spoil too much, and I feel that if I tell you fully what it is about, you are not going to enjoy the first episode that much. Roughly speaking I can tell you that the show is about a orphan (surprisingly enough), and the meeting of her sisters. It is so thrilling! I have seen everything already, and I feel so lost right now. Anyone have any new recommendations for me?



Juice it!

dsc08790 dsc08801 dsc08797

Eating healthy in Bangkok is not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Before going here I was expecting a diet filled with veggies, fruits and lean dishes. However, that is not the case as all the dishes are filled with sugar, salt, or sugar and salt based sauces. Finding something healthy to eat if you are on the run is neither too easy. My go to in cases like these are thus juices. 100% cold pressed juice with a mix of both vegetables and fruits. Tempting, fresh and tasty! Just a little tip from me to you if you are having the same challenges as me here in Bangkok 🙂

The week that passed

img_2704 img_2706 img_2645 img_2641img_2644 img_2532 img_2541 img_2643

Summarized through some Snapchats, this pretty much sums up my week that passed. Food, drinks, beach and gym. Nice to be back on track again! As you can see I’m a maniac when it comes to stickers and filters. Don’t think you’re ever going to see a snap from me without anything at all. That is when I’m allowed to let my free creative soul out in public… Wishing you all a great new week!

Cultural stop

DSC08357 DSC08350 DSC08358 DSC08348


Did a little cultural stop at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. A 8 floor building with a mix of little stores, cafes and galleries/exhibitions. The scene of people suddenly switched the moment we entered the building, and this is where you can find the creative souls of the city. No need to check out the program as there is always some exhibitions open. If you feel like being cultural some day, the Culture Centre can be found close to the BTS Stop National Stadium.

DSC08028 DSC07998 DSC07999 DSC08027


Late mornings. That’s what describes my weekend the best. Or is it? This weekend has been filled with fun from start to end, literally. Friday started out as a cultural trip to Ayutthaya (more on that later), which continued with a roof top party and the regular Khaosan. No more words needed. Saturday was spent at the amazing SO Sofitel pool party, and BKK watch out, I’ll be back next time! and next and… (Jeez, some become crazy cat ladies, will I become a crazy pool lady?). Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera, but next time I definitely will. Need to show you! Tomorrow its Monday, and no more late mornings for this girl. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend <3