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Sawadee kha

Im finally here! Or, I have been for a few days now, but the time has just gone by so fast. The first few days have been spent with getting settled down, which includes spicy curry dishes, crazy «tuktuk» rides, welcome parties and school uniform shopping. A fashionista’s dream right? Actually I do find my uniform pretty nice, and I’m happy to finally have that experience as we don’t use them in Norway. Also they give us more respect among the Thai people, something that is handy as the «farangs» (just google it) we are.

Well, kap khun ka for now!


New Adventures

As of this writing moment I am seated at the airport with way to much luggage heading towards new adventures! I am finally on my way to Bangkok, a journey I have been waiting for since my day of application to the university. A semester of exchange awaits, and a semester of new experiences, knowledge and friendships. When starting to blog (which is not a long time ago!) I promised myself I will never write any posts where I complain about how busy I am, and how I have not been able to blog. I must lay down flat on the floor, as we say in Norway. Actually, I should lay under the floor, cuz here I am. All my blog friends, I now get you, and I will bow your way and not Mekka’s before going to bed. The last days have been spent with friends and family, days well spent in my opinion.


In addition to my blog, you can follow my journey on my Instagram @Idakjoh and Snapchat: Idajohlol. The lol in my snapchat name describes my silly other side. And don’t be afraid of my over use of emojis! I am not crazy just trying to be creative. Sayonara for now.



There is an end to everything

Just stopping by this lovely evening to say hi! The summer is slowly going to an end for me right now, and I only have one week before starting new adventures. Can’t wait!  I am finally back in my hometown after a copious summer with traveling in both Asia and Norway. This summer has been really great, and I have experienced a lot, and met many new great people that I am thankful for. The last week will be spent with a little more work, before I pack my luggages and head to Bangkok! It might be a bit early for you to end your summer holiday already, thus I still wish you all a happy summer holiday 😉




Yes you read right, I am in Mo I Rana right now. Norway’s hidden gem? Im not totally sure about that, but what I do know is that traveling in Norway is underestimated. However, it seems to me like a lot of Norwegians have opened their eyes to holidaying in their own country. I have been traveling a lot in the northern part of Norway, and what I love the most is the never-ending days. By that I mean the midnight sun. Yes it does make you a bit confused as you never want to go to bed, but it also gives you some extra energy to finish your unfinished business. Can you believe these pictures are taken late in the evening?

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There is always a first time for everything. For me, it is blogging. A lot of people might ask why I start to blog now, and the reason is simply that I feel now is the right time for me.

I will thus dedicate this first post to introduce myself; My name is Ida Johansen, and I am a Norwegian student in my final year of my MSc in Economics and Business Administration. My specialization is in Marketing and Brand Management, and I love my study! I have a passion for fashion, and through this blog I will share this interest along with my eye for beautiful details. I am a esthetician and tend to search for the beauty in things; whether it is a lunch box or a fashion show. Furthermore, I am a wanderluster! My family has a traveling gene, which they did not forget to pass further to me. As traveling has become a big part of my lifestyle I hope to share my adventures with you. Right now I am traveling throughout Norway, but pretty soon I am actually moving to Bangkok for a little while. Because of that I decided to start this blog in English, and I will take it from there. This blog will contain pieces of my life and my interest. I am guessing you will find some fashion, traveling, food, architecture, interior and maybe some fitness. But this is just a wild guess!

So let’s see how this goes, I am eager to start blogging, and hope that I can share this experience with you!

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