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Simple girl simple style



Simple girl, simple style. This top from Bik Bok is everything. I bought a very similar one months ago, but when I came home I realized it had some spots on it that I wasn’t able to remove, and the receipt was in the trash can decades ago… Why do I never learn. I almost threw a party when I found a almost identical one at BikBok in Norway. Oh happy day! With a top like this you just put on whatever simple things you may prefer, and your outfit is still rockin! Off-shoulder, beautiful details and long arms. What is it not to love?

Fallen in love with pink

The weather in Trondheim has been really great these last few days. Today I woke up to rain and gray skies, but it is totally okay when its been really great like this for a few days. Can’t expect more up here in the north! Because of the weather I own thousands of jackets, cuz I feel I always need to wear one. At least that’s what I tell myself. I have fallen in love with pink again this season. A color that I haven’t been wearing too much as I don’t think that it suits me very well. After going a bit blonder however, I think that it suit me more. This rough jacket in a cute pink color caught my attention and had to go with me back home!



Put on your positive pants

Put on my happy pants! They are continuously being used both as everyday wear and, if I put on some heels, as casual wear. I think they draw enough attention themselves so I like to pair them with a simple white tee. To keep that 90’s vibe I also like to use a bit oversized t-shirt. If you are lucky to get your hands on them I recommend to get them at least a size too small, they become really big after just a few min on. I have to get mine tailored, or wash them every hour :p




Obsessing over flares. I feel that I’m either a year late, or 20 years late. Whatever, I like it and I’m not gonna stop wearing them anytime soon. Matching these jeans with my new top from Zara. Love the structured trend that we are seeing a lot of lately. It do create some serious skills though! I tried to flatten out this look by going for a simple pair of jeans that are a bit «bottom heavy». And also, how cute are my shoes? I Imagine they are something Twiggy could have wore in the 60’s.



Bohemian vibes

Have totally fallen in love with this outfit! The pattern, the fabric, the shape, yes everything. It gives me some bohemian vibes, which I always like. The pants have the perfect flare, and the high waist  create a perfect shape for this look. The top was originally long, but I cut it off to make it short enough to tuck into the pants. I wanted to highlight the highwaist of the pants, not hide it away! This cute little creation is btw from HM’s «golden» collection. I have neven seen it anywhere else than in Asia. And I didn’t find it online either. Have you guys seen this collection in Norway before? If you have tell me! I always had to have a peak at the exclusive department everytime I passed one of the bigger HM stores in Bangkok.




These last few days I’ve been in Bergen. Went back to do my last exam ever, can’t believe it! I’ve been living in this city 4,5 years, so it felt good to be back, even though it was just for a super small visit. Bergen is such a beautiful city, and really something for itself. All the cute streets and houses, the closeness to the mountains, and of course the picturesque «bryggen». As a tourist in Norway I would recommend this as your number one destination. No doubt! After two days with incredible intense studying, I helped Espen move out, as he is continuing his adventure in the US this summer. I’m slowly getting used to the Norwegian weather again, and the woolen clothes are back in the closet right where they belong at this time of the year. And hey, it’s first day of summer today!



Fun Fashion

Forgot to share this outfit with you! I guess many of you have already seen it on my Instagram @idakjoh, but here it goes; full version. Love the fluffiness and the length of the skirt. It makes me feel like a 10 year old princes and halloween witch at the same time. Is that even positive? I guess so!


The last couple of weeks I’ve been back in Norway for a little visit, and ended up being sick the full two weeks. It was super nice to meet friends and family again, even though it was a bit limited. Haven’t seen some of them for over 6 months! I also popped by Oslo and FJONG‘s new showroom. What the girls have going on there is super exciting, and their wardrobe has expanded into something enviable for any girl. But hey, the best part is that their closet can be yours! Vintage fever has also moved in with them, and it is now also possible to rent their purses. I wanted to buy almost all of their bags, but managed to behave. And just to end my Europe trip the best possible way I also had a pit stop in Monaco. Been there several times now, and the city is beautiful. Put on you best hiking shoes though, the city got more ups and downs than Bergen! Now I gotta continue to study, this girl got a master thesis to write.

Fashion Army


No secret that one of my favorite colors are green, military style. Especially these days I’m surrounding myself in everything of this color. I guess it is my way of dressing «winterly» in the lack of seasons. Well, if I cannot wrap myself in chunky knits, at least I can commit to the colors. Btw seen these shoes? Takes one hour to get into them, but what does one not to feel a bit Kardashian for some hours. And these shoes I could never use in Norway at this time; SCORE!

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Shoe Heaven


Popped into YSL this week while I was in Singapore (new buys coming up), and lord give me strength! The shoe rack presented at YSL these days are no more than fab. Silver, black, white and nudes are going straight home to this girl. Give me some khaki Tributes and I’ll walk that extra mile on the treadmill today (IN them ofc). But no matter of all the inches these shoes were trying to fight over to get ones attention, my attention was drawn to the black slippers. Slay as we say.



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When in Doubt


Bumping in to say hi and show you this easy little outfit. When in doubt, denim saves the day. And this killer heels? In love! Except the time they actually almost killed me. But let’s save that story for later. Have a nice day lovelies <3

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