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A must do while being in Thailand is going to the tailor! That is something you don’t exactly do every day in Norway, and in Thailand its really affordable. To get a piece that fits you perfectly is luxury! I’ve been in Thailand several times with my family, and I remember one of the hardest things was to find which tailor to go to. It is so many of them, and unfortunately one might get disappointed when it comes to all the amazing offers they are promoting. Be aware, if 100% silk has a price that is too good to be true, it might actually be the case.

Lucky me was invited to a tailor called Nickermann’s, who are located in The Landmark hotel in Sukhumvit in Bangkok. The people working here are great, and it seems like they have a lot of experience! I have a lot of opinions of how I want things, but the lady helping me, several times had to point out ideas that might not be as good as I thought… Like making sure that the pants aren’t too tight so you can sit, haha. I like that they are not afraid to tell you what works or not so that you will not end up with a little disappointment. No doubt they are very skilled in what they are doing. I had several fittings to make sure everything was perfect, but still they were able to deliver everything in a week. Super quick! Which is a big plus if you’re a tourist who’s here only for a few days. If you are considering getting something made while you are here I fully recommend these guys. Even Lonely Planet does, so if you dont trust me you can listen to them hehe.


What do you think? Im totally in love with the green. Tried a suit with the same color at Zara, but unfortunately it didn’t fit me and I have been dreaming about it since then. And btw if you’re wondering if its too warm to wear a suit like this in Bangkok? No way Hose, they are world champions on AC here.


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Can’t believe Wonderfruit is already over. Omg, what an amazing weekend! The festival is a immersion of arts, music, talks, workshops and food, where I would say that enjoyment is absolutely in focus. During daytime you can listen to interesting talks, engage in workshops or even have yourself a workout in everything from yoga and bellydancing to parkour and muay thai. I was only there for two out of the four days, and chose to go all in for the food and drinks. Hehe.. For sunset, everyone is gathering around the sun stage, and this is when the divas come out from their Boutique camps, and the party really starts. There are several stages around the festival camp with different music playing everywhere. My favorites were definitely Tiki bar, Bonafide and not to forget the Quarry. The last one is where you party your ass of before heading home (if you even make it home before sunrise that is..)
The festival is being held yearly in Pattaya, Thailand and is an event not to miss. It’s located at the plantation fields a Siam Country, and you feel like you are far away in the desserts separated from the rest of the worlds. The vibe was amazing, and I can’t wait till next time!

Pool time

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Earlier I was living a bit far away from the city center, but last week I moved downtown to Sukhumvit. This is where everything is happening in Bangkok, and if you are planning to visit, Sukhumvit is the place to stay. I was super lucky with my new apartment, and not to forget my new pool. Look at this amazing view! Show me a better pool view and I give you 1000 baht.


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Norndee, our little hideaway for our stay in Hua Hin. The design is what made us fall for this place; a little hipster urban Scandinavian with a mix of beach vibes. Not too many guests, nicely located just a few min walk from the beach, and a fair little breakfast is included in the price. Next to the hotel you also find a little bar which also have the coolest design with live music and nice cocktails in the evening. Btw, do you like my new little outfit from JJ market? Only 100B (23 nok), what a bargain huh? Love that place! If I know myself right I will be returning JJ maaany times before I leave BKK. Have a nice Sunday lovelies, for me its classes all day.

Hua Hin


dsc08550 dsc08557 dsc08555

Blue sea and white beaches as long as eyes can see <3 We were hanging out at the pool this week, and suddenly, because of cravings for beach I guess, we were sitting in a car on our way to Hua Hin. This is where Bangkok people like to go for their holidays, and the city is crowded by beach resorts. To be honest, I think that is why you go there. We however, who are not used to having a beach available all the time, could not resist doing anything else than rolling around in the sand. As it is a part of the main land, the beach is not as beautiful as if you go to an island, but at least you get sand and water. Another big plus is that you get the whole beach to yourself as everyone else prefer pool and beach resorts. 3 hour drive from Bangkok is not too bad, but as always, be aware of the traffic!


DSC08308 DSC08174 DSC08076 DSC08105 DSC08126 DSC08144 DSC08133 DSC08156 DSC08169 DSC08200 DSC08213 DSC08283 DSC08321


I LOVE exploring! This time it was Ayutthaya, the old capital of the kingdom of Siam, with its many historical spots that was going down. I have to admit I don’t know a lot about Thai history, but even though I don’t, I really enjoyed Ayutthaya. I felt like a little Tomb Raider walking around in those ruins. These types of architecture and monuments really excites me, I find them so cool! The city is pretty big, and there is a lot of things to see. People normally go by a tuktuk, scooter, bicycle or feet to get around. We chose the bicycles as usual (need to burn those calories when you can right?), and I would really recommend you to as you then can cross the island on the smaller roads to get around. That is only possible by bicycle or feet. But honestly, feet will take you too long time and you will only be able to see a few things.

Before we went we read some guides about where to rent bicycles and other practicalities, thus we headed straight to the train station. ATTENTION PLEASE, don’t listen to the guides. If you rent the bikes next to the train station you need to bring them with you on the boat (Thai boat, not a big ferry, just sayin’) and carry them as a strong man up and down the long and steep stairs! Just cross the river, and get the bicycles right on the other side. And yes, that is another thing; you can actually get to the island (Ayutthaya is an island) by crossing the river and not the highway bridge. When we came we were told the only way to get to Ayutthaya was to cross the highway bridge. So there we were, 3 girls, one big highway and death in our eyes. I guess they tell you this because they want to you of with a tuktuk instead of the cheaper options as bicycles. However, as you already know we ended up with finding the boat who safely took us to the other side.

Ayutthaya is located 80km north of BKK, and you can get there by buss, mini van or train. Self I went with a mini van because that is supposed to be the quickest option. However, that only counts if the traffic isn’t too bad, which means you have to leave super early in the morning. The train will take you there just as fast, and it only costs a percentage of the price (Even though the mini van isn’t expensive either).

I really recommend Ayutthaya to those who like to just have a little adventure and see something cool. You don’t need to be a history fanatic at all. A perfect little day trip.

DSC08028 DSC07998 DSC07999 DSC08027


Late mornings. That’s what describes my weekend the best. Or is it? This weekend has been filled with fun from start to end, literally. Friday started out as a cultural trip to Ayutthaya (more on that later), which continued with a roof top party and the regular Khaosan. No more words needed. Saturday was spent at the amazing SO Sofitel pool party, and BKK watch out, I’ll be back next time! and next and… (Jeez, some become crazy cat ladies, will I become a crazy pool lady?). Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera, but next time I definitely will. Need to show you! Tomorrow its Monday, and no more late mornings for this girl. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend <3

Playing with fire

DSC07494 DSC07513 DSC07522 DSC07532


If you thought the beach was just for daytime tanning I guess you’r wrong. Evenings in Koh Samet always contains some food and some fire. You know, my mum always told me not to play with fire, but I guess I stamped on all rules big time tonite. Liar liar pants on fire! And hey, if you don’t know how to limbo under a burning stick; make someone do it with you! Good night lovelies <3



Weekend trip to Koh Samet! This lovely little island is situated 3-4 hours away from Bangkok. It is really convenient to get there, which means there will be more weekends in Koh Samet to come. From Victory Monument in Bangkok you head for a minivan that takes you with a 3 hour drive to the port outside of Koh Samet. From here you need a floating device, where the cheapest alternative is a small «ferry» that takes you all the way in a 30-40 min trip. Compared to the speed boats that takes you to the other side in like 10 min it is a slow alternative, but also a very relaxing one. If you are like us, and have all the time in the world, the ferries are budget friendly and good alternatives. There are accommodations all over the island, and unless it is not a special holiday or something, finding a place when you arrive is okay (as long as you are not picky that is).

The island life is way more quiet and calm than the buzzing Bangkok big city life, and it was really relaxing to spend some time here. Koh Samet is a small Island, and really easy to get around; if not by bike, by foot is also okey. We just walked from beach to beach, stopping for some pineapple shakes in between. If you haven’t been there before; I’ll join you!


Sawadee kha

Im finally here! Or, I have been for a few days now, but the time has just gone by so fast. The first few days have been spent with getting settled down, which includes spicy curry dishes, crazy «tuktuk» rides, welcome parties and school uniform shopping. A fashionista’s dream right? Actually I do find my uniform pretty nice, and I’m happy to finally have that experience as we don’t use them in Norway. Also they give us more respect among the Thai people, something that is handy as the «farangs» (just google it) we are.

Well, kap khun ka for now!