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Let’s pretend like nothing and just continue to blog like no one noticed… I’ve been quiet for a decade, right? I made this blog to post whenever I felt like it, and that is exactly what I’ve done.

So what have I been up to since last time? I’ve basically been traveling all over the north of Norway, and I’ve finally become as close to Rihanna as I ever think I will become; work work work work work. I’m having my vacation now, and it’s gonna be spent in Thailand!  Talk to you later guys <3


Jeg har vært borte fra bloggen lenge nå, men bloggen ble laget for at jeg skulle oppdatere når jeg følte for det, og det er akkurat hva jeg har gjort. Så hva har jeg bedrevet tiden min med siden sist? For å si det sånn, jeg vil aldri blir mer lik Rihanna enn hva jeg er nå: work work work work work. Nå derimot har jeg ferie og den tilbringes i Thailand! Også tenkte jeg å oppdatere på norsk fremover også da! (Hvis du ikke allerede har lagt merke til det..)

Monday Lunchin’


Best way to start the week! Bby Espen has finally arrived in Bangkok, and I took him straight to Veganerie Concept, my favorite lunch spot in Bangkok.

It’s been a bit quite from me these last weeks, as I have been busy traveling and working with school. Vietnam, Cambodia, Phi Phi, Krabi and Phuket, so many lovely destinations. And even more to come! Anyways, blog game is now back on track, prepare for updates 🙂


I love it when social media companies challenge their original business models and develop their platforms. It’s the magic of competition! Instagram has now published their new «Snapchat» function where you are allowed to instantly share your moments. I guess this was originally Instagram’s idea; a platform for people sharing instant moment. And this was how we used it to begin with! However, Instagram now works as an area to share perfect pictures where nothing is left to chance. The pictures are not taken with a phone camera anymore, but fancy Canons or Nikons, and don’t you dare to post a picture that does not match you last picture! It is important that the whole profile has a nice layout… I’m guilty too. Did you notice that I used the word «Snapchat» function for instant moment pictures? Kudos to Snapchat for creating a new term. That is however another discussion.

A lot of people might disagree with me, thinking that businesses should not move away from their original idea. Often I do agree with that, like when Snapchat introduced their «memories» function. I think this ruined the authentic idea of Snapchat. Instagram’s new function does however actually bring us back to their original business model. I think it will be interesting to see how people will use this function, and will it affect our new Instagram habits?

I have allready started to use the new function, have you?



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