Weekend trip to Koh Samet! This lovely little island is situated 3-4 hours away from Bangkok. It is really convenient to get there, which means there will be more weekends in Koh Samet to come. From Victory Monument in Bangkok you head for a minivan that takes you with a 3 hour drive to the port outside of Koh Samet. From here you need a floating device, where the cheapest alternative is a small «ferry» that takes you all the way in a 30-40 min trip. Compared to the speed boats that takes you to the other side in like 10 min it is a slow alternative, but also a very relaxing one. If you are like us, and have all the time in the world, the ferries are budget friendly and good alternatives. There are accommodations all over the island, and unless it is not a special holiday or something, finding a place when you arrive is okay (as long as you are not picky that is).

The island life is way more quiet and calm than the buzzing Bangkok big city life, and it was really relaxing to spend some time here. Koh Samet is a small Island, and really easy to get around; if not by bike, by foot is also okey. We just walked from beach to beach, stopping for some pineapple shakes in between. If you haven’t been there before; I’ll join you!