I’m a coward, or wait, am I just a bit reasonable? This is not gonna be a post discussing whether I am the one or the other. The fact is that I don’t want to inject anything in my body, or use strong chemicals to change parts of my body. I have stretched my limits to eyelash extensions and an occasional hair coloring now and then, even that also freaks me out.


I’ve torn the internet after more gentle ways to whiten my teeth after way too much tea drinking, and after seeing charcoal products popping up everywhere I was super happy when this product showed up. It seems like charcoal is the new shit, and in Bangkok they used it for everything; charcoal burgers, bread, hairdressers, ice cream, toothpaste, soap, yeah, you name it. And now, I was ready to try COCO by Skintechnology. I mashed my toothbrush into the small little jar with black powder, laughed my way through how strange it looked, and was super expectant to see the result afterwards. Then the big question, did it work? To be totally honest I didn’t see much of a result. Who am I kidding, my mouth was super black! Okay, Ida you are never gonna become a stand up comedian… But seriously, I did not see too much of a difference. However, this product is not the same as a regular teeth whitening product, and will naturally not give the same results. Which is exactly why I decided to try. I am gonna try it several times and hopefully over time I will notice a difference. That would have saved my problem!

But now over to something that definitely worked straight away! Instaplumper by Skintechnologies. I think I’ll cover it with OMG. OMG it hurts, OMG it WORKS! Yes, cuz to be honest you could really feel your lips get an effect from this product. The package already prepared me for it on beforehand, and the superwoman as I am, I stripped on the plastic patches. Ready to get pouchy perfect lips. The package also said that you had to leave the plastic there for 15-60 min, but superwoman only lasted for 5…

But this you guys, this product absolutely works! As they say, no pain no gain #yolo. I could really se a big difference, and this is the first plumping product I’ve ever tried with such good results. The effect lasted for around 1 hour. Next time I’m gonna try to leave it on for a longer time and see if the effect is gonna stick even longer. You know what, I’m gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. And NO, I’m not trying to make a duck face here, this is actually the effect!


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