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Cultural stop

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Did a little cultural stop at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. A 8 floor building with a mix of little stores, cafes and galleries/exhibitions. The scene of people suddenly switched the moment we entered the building, and this is where you can find the creative souls of the city. No need to check out the program as there is always some exhibitions open. If you feel like being cultural some day, the Culture Centre can be found close to the BTS Stop National Stadium.

Spice it up

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Deli deli delicious! Typical plate of mine these days. Chicken, seafood, vegetables, rice, curry, spices, soups, noodles, flavors. Pretty much sums up the typical thai dishes. I am feeling super spoiled as I never have to cook for myself. The prices for eating out is cheaper than cooking your own food which pretty much makes it an easy choice. Either I’m heading for some street food from the vendors, or the local restaurant is always ready to serve you. Ah, now I managed to make myself hungry…

City Break

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Needed a little break from the city and headed to Bang Krachao! 60 – 90 min cab drive from Bangkok, a little boat trip, and suddenly you feel that you are far away from the big city. We rented way too small bikes and cycled around on the island. A little fun for the girls. The main attraction is however a park which is located not too far away from the pier. Bang Krachao is insanely green as you can see, even the water… I got myself a little jungle getaway so I’m happy!

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Late mornings. That’s what describes my weekend the best. Or is it? This weekend has been filled with fun from start to end, literally. Friday started out as a cultural trip to Ayutthaya (more on that later), which continued with a roof top party and the regular Khaosan. No more words needed. Saturday was spent at the amazing SO Sofitel pool party, and BKK watch out, I’ll be back next time! and next and… (Jeez, some become crazy cat ladies, will I become a crazy pool lady?). Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera, but next time I definitely will. Need to show you! Tomorrow its Monday, and no more late mornings for this girl. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend <3


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This one mainly go to my Norwegian cupcakes; I’m proud to present that I have become a FJONGSTER! The Norwegian company FJONG are soon releasing, and I cannot wait. The team behind FJONG are fighting for sustainable fashion and trying to solve every girls issue with «nothing to wear». Do you have an expensive purse you never use, but don’t want to get rid of? Or maybe a special occasion where you don’t want to buy a new dress, but only borrow it for a night? I mean, we can do that for wedding dresses, but else?  FJONG is an online portal helping us with these issues, and by signing up to FJONG you are able to both rent or rent out your own clothes and accessories. You can increase your wardrobe and make it more exciting, but with a lower budget! And the bigger perspective of all of this; it is more sustainable for the environment. There will be many fashionistas renting out their wardrobes, and actress and super designer Pia Tjelta is already on the team with her many fabulous dresses. FJONG will be released already in November, but until then you can follow them on both Facebook (FJONG) and Instagram (@fjong.co).


Wat Saket

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Weekends are for discoveries. This one is being spent in Bangkok, but hey! there is much to both see and do here. Wat Saket, or Golden Mount as you may also call it was todays destination. The Golden Mount is a temple, but for those who find these spots rather boring; Wat Saket can be recommended anyhow. To get all the way to the top you need to conquer 322 steps, and the way up is rather entertaining with beautiful scenery. When you get to the top you will find a little temple and a great view over Bangkok. Wisdom from today is btw that the monkeys that you can see over here are not something the «emoji» company came up with, but they are actually buddhist monkeys symboling «see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil». Think about that next time you are trying to express your shyness through the monkeys. I will however think that you are trying to send me some kind of Buddhist message.


One of the main reasons I chose Bangkok as my exchange destination is the unlimited opportunity to travel in Asia. The countries surrounding Thailand are luring me just like a pokemon. I hope to be able to visit as many countries as possible in addition to travel in Thailand as well. I’m really a schizophrenic when it comes to traveling. I can switch from being the most careless backpacker demanding nothing else than a roof over my head, or a real luxury animal craving rooftop drinks and high heels. Under you will find my top 3 dream destinations in 2016, but believe me, there are way more Asian countries I want to visit!

1. Bali

globaladventure.com(Photo: Globaladventure.com)

Can you find a more dreamy place? I’ve heard so many good things about this destination. The endless beaches and the exotic nature and culture is what really draws me to this place. Gili Islands is of course a part of this!

2. Singapore

pacific.no(Photo: Pacific.no)

Western and Asian style in one lovely mix. Skyscrapers, infinity pools, and street food, getting the best of both worlds. I cannot wait to visit Singapore!

3. Myanmar

Myanmar-landscapes(Photo: ovationdmc.com)

Soaring over Myanmar in a hot air baloon during sunrise is a real dream of mine. Have you ever seen something that beautiful? I don’t know why Myanmar fascinate me that much, but it always have. I think it has to be because of the exotic nature and their special buildings. Definitely a country on my must visit list!


Pancake o’clock

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Craving something sweet? Found this really cute place just next to where I live, and they serve the nicest little pancakes. But watch out for these devils, they might seem small and harmless, but two bites and you have your whole lunch. Eat the whole thing and you have all your meals for the day covered. The café is located in Itsaraphap road and called Long Kin do ze er, but I think I’ll just go for the pancake place. So if a little bit of hipster, and some pancakes is what you are looking for; Kin do ze er is the right place for you.

Playing with fire

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If you thought the beach was just for daytime tanning I guess you’r wrong. Evenings in Koh Samet always contains some food and some fire. You know, my mum always told me not to play with fire, but I guess I stamped on all rules big time tonite. Liar liar pants on fire! And hey, if you don’t know how to limbo under a burning stick; make someone do it with you! Good night lovelies <3



Weekend trip to Koh Samet! This lovely little island is situated 3-4 hours away from Bangkok. It is really convenient to get there, which means there will be more weekends in Koh Samet to come. From Victory Monument in Bangkok you head for a minivan that takes you with a 3 hour drive to the port outside of Koh Samet. From here you need a floating device, where the cheapest alternative is a small «ferry» that takes you all the way in a 30-40 min trip. Compared to the speed boats that takes you to the other side in like 10 min it is a slow alternative, but also a very relaxing one. If you are like us, and have all the time in the world, the ferries are budget friendly and good alternatives. There are accommodations all over the island, and unless it is not a special holiday or something, finding a place when you arrive is okay (as long as you are not picky that is).

The island life is way more quiet and calm than the buzzing Bangkok big city life, and it was really relaxing to spend some time here. Koh Samet is a small Island, and really easy to get around; if not by bike, by foot is also okey. We just walked from beach to beach, stopping for some pineapple shakes in between. If you haven’t been there before; I’ll join you!