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Sawadee kha

Im finally here! Or, I have been for a few days now, but the time has just gone by so fast. The first few days have been spent with getting settled down, which includes spicy curry dishes, crazy «tuktuk» rides, welcome parties and school uniform shopping. A fashionista’s dream right? Actually I do find my uniform pretty nice, and I’m happy to finally have that experience as we don’t use them in Norway. Also they give us more respect among the Thai people, something that is handy as the «farangs» (just google it) we are.

Well, kap khun ka for now!


New Adventures

As of this writing moment I am seated at the airport with way to much luggage heading towards new adventures! I am finally on my way to Bangkok, a journey I have been waiting for since my day of application to the university. A semester of exchange awaits, and a semester of new experiences, knowledge and friendships. When starting to blog (which is not a long time ago!) I promised myself I will never write any posts where I complain about how busy I am, and how I have not been able to blog. I must lay down flat on the floor, as we say in Norway. Actually, I should lay under the floor, cuz here I am. All my blog friends, I now get you, and I will bow your way and not Mekka’s before going to bed. The last days have been spent with friends and family, days well spent in my opinion.


In addition to my blog, you can follow my journey on my Instagram @Idakjoh and Snapchat: Idajohlol. The lol in my snapchat name describes my silly other side. And don’t be afraid of my over use of emojis! I am not crazy just trying to be creative. Sayonara for now.




I love it when social media companies challenge their original business models and develop their platforms. It’s the magic of competition! Instagram has now published their new «Snapchat» function where you are allowed to instantly share your moments. I guess this was originally Instagram’s idea; a platform for people sharing instant moment. And this was how we used it to begin with! However, Instagram now works as an area to share perfect pictures where nothing is left to chance. The pictures are not taken with a phone camera anymore, but fancy Canons or Nikons, and don’t you dare to post a picture that does not match you last picture! It is important that the whole profile has a nice layout… I’m guilty too. Did you notice that I used the word «Snapchat» function for instant moment pictures? Kudos to Snapchat for creating a new term. That is however another discussion.

A lot of people might disagree with me, thinking that businesses should not move away from their original idea. Often I do agree with that, like when Snapchat introduced their «memories» function. I think this ruined the authentic idea of Snapchat. Instagram’s new function does however actually bring us back to their original business model. I think it will be interesting to see how people will use this function, and will it affect our new Instagram habits?

I have allready started to use the new function, have you?



IMG_2127  IMG_2128 IMG_2129 IMG_2215 IMG_2214

There is an end to everything

Just stopping by this lovely evening to say hi! The summer is slowly going to an end for me right now, and I only have one week before starting new adventures. Can’t wait!  I am finally back in my hometown after a copious summer with traveling in both Asia and Norway. This summer has been really great, and I have experienced a lot, and met many new great people that I am thankful for. The last week will be spent with a little more work, before I pack my luggages and head to Bangkok! It might be a bit early for you to end your summer holiday already, thus I still wish you all a happy summer holiday 😉




Happy Saturday! At the moment I am in Rørvik, but because of a high work load I have not been able to run around with my camera. That is such a shame, it is really beautiful here! The city is surrounded by archipelagos, and when the sun is shining its ah-mazing. We are leaving Rørvik tomorrow, heading further south back to my home town. Hopefully it will be sunny so that we can enjoy the beautiful scenery at its best while crossing the bridges out of here.

And when talking about sunny; playing with the sun and the camera is such an art. It is fascinating how much more interesting a picture can look by adding some magical sun lights. These pictures were taken a day me and my friend were out strolling and when the sun suddenly popped up we had to give it a go. This place looks rather tatty, but with some help from the sun we got ourselves a magical place. Don’t you agree?

Love my over knee boots from Isabel Marant by the way. These bad girls were bought during winter time, but in Norway, everything is all year clothes. Wishing you all a great weekend <3


DSC06273 DSC06268 DSC06274 DSC06264



Right now there is more than my denim skirt that is distressed. Oh my I’m stressing around trying to fix everything before I’m moving. Why did it not listen to the tips about preparing yourself early? I tend to take a lot of things for granted in the way that I expect everything to be possible to solve with an app. Call me crazy, I guess I’ve spent too much time on my phone.

Look inspired by Rihanna, just missing a denim shirt.

DSC01831-3 DSC01835 DSC01850-2


As long as you don´t take my jacket

Wednesday and we are already halfway through the week. Cannot believe how fast the time has gone these few days. Keeping myself busy with work, and got to put in some extra gears these last weeks before my getaway to Thailand.

This outfit does by the way represent my style just as I like it; classic but a little edgy and a bit cooler. I have got a thing for jackets, and I am always searching for new ones to complete my outfits. If I leave the house without one, it almost feels like I have forgotten something. Luckily I live in Norway, and there are few days where my jacket should just stay at home. Someone else feeling the same way? This one from Filippa K has followed me through absolutely everything, and I guess it might be my most worn piece actually. By keeping my jacket longer than my shorts I am creating a bit more depth to my outfit, and by matching a rough Levis shorts with a classic jacket I am keeping it more interesting. It is like I am trying to match Cake´s song «Short skirt/long jacket». Attends, quoi?



DSC04322 DSC04327 DSC04355



Hi lovelies! Wanted to share my ultimate tip for you if going to Japan; Visit a ryokan! This is a traditional Japanese Inn designed the Japanese way with sliding doors, tatami floors and futon beds. The ryokans often provide public or private onsens (hot springs), yukatas (casual summer kimonos), and scenic areas.

We were lucky to stay one night at Beniya Mukayu in Kaga, which is one of the most relaxing and beautiful places I have ever visited. The whole ryokan is designed with elements from the nature and nearly empty decorated rooms filled with light to signify that a mind entirely free of everything exists in a place of nothing. When arriving we were given our yukatas and then welcomed with a private tea ceremony. The rest of the stay was spent with yoga, Japanese dinner delicacies, spa and best of all; our own private onsen.

Thank you Beniya Mukayu for an extraordinary experience.












One of my top 3 destinations the last decade has been Japan, and this summer I was able to realize my dream with a 2,5 weeks travel throughout the country. I came home from my journey few weeks ago, but as I did not have a blog back then I will share some few experiences with you now. Japan is a country very different from Norway, and that is why it so exciting for me. The more different, the better. We actually spent 1,5 weeks in Tokyo, and 1 week traveling with train visiting Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, Kaga and Himeji. Traveling by train is really convenient in Japan, as you can get almost everywhere. Thanks to Shinkansen you can also go between the biggest cities in few hours, sometimes minutes, depending on where you are going. If going to Japan I really recommend you to buy a rail pass, which costs the same as a roundtrip Tokyo – Kyoto. This makes you able to travel as much as you like for a certain period. Remember to buy the pass before you leave, it is not possible to buy it in Japan!

DSC07260 DSC07123


Osaka Castle with its beautiful details

My favorite cities in Japan were definitely Tokyo and Kyoto, and I wished we had stayed in Kyoto for some more days. If you have limited time when going to Japan I recommend you to visit these cites as they cover both the new and modern with Tokyo, and the historical and old in Kyoto. If you want to see a real Geisha or Maiko, Kyoto is where you should go. I was lucky to meet a girl dressed up in her Kimono, and wow these costumes are beautiful. You will find Japanese people dressed up in their Kimonos everywhere in Kyoto, but if you are really lucky wandering the streets late in the night you might catch a glimpse of a real Geisha.






Pictures from Kyoto and the Fushimi Inari-taisha. Worth a visit!

As the city girl I am, Tokyo did not disappoint! Ginza, Sushi, Maid-cafe, second-hand treasure hunting, purikura, shopping, dining, manga, cat-cafe, Harajuku, tempura, karaoke… The list never stops, and with good reason; Tokyo has so much to offer. If you want it classy go to Ginza, are you searching for the quirky Shinjuku will do it for you, and if you like it crowded Shibuya is the place to be. I must admit that I did not get the real Tokyo feeling before I visited Akihabara which is the anime center of Tokyo. This is where you find everything in electrics and anime. Even though you are not an anime or electronic fan, Akihabara is a must visit! This is also where you will find the Maid cafés. If not for the food, it is worth it for the entertainment. As I mentioned we actually stayed in Tokyo for 1,5 weeks, and we always had a lot on our daily to-do plans. Thus, a little relaxing in Kaga at the Beniya Mukayu Ryokan was necessary and oh-so-relaxing. It is one of the most relaxing places I have ever been, and a real Japan experience. I am therefor going to dedicate a whole post for it, as it was really worth the trip up there!



Shinjuku Tokyo

Anyone visited Japan? If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I feel like a real Japanese now 😉


I have been looking for a patterned suit for ages, and finally I bumped into it at Zara. Cannot say anything else than LOVE. The pattern and the light fabric is perfect for summer evenings, and it is just like wearing a pyjamas. It simply makes me happy! Pair it with some loafers and a tee for city strolls, or some high heels and a crop top and you are ready for a roof top party. Or do like me, go for a mix 😉