Recently came back from my trip to Singapore. Been mentioning it before, but living in Bangkok is heaven when it comes to traveling around! Took an express visit with 3 days, and to be honest, it is (almost) enough! 20.000 steps each day proves our commitment to the touristifying of the city. It was a lot of places and things we didn’t have the opportunity to visit, but here are just a few suggestions from my trip.

Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the bay

Disney world on speed! It seems like the architects and garden planners here had something to do with the movie Avatar. While walking here you are surrounded by plants from the future, and buildings that seems to take you to there. Put on some comfortable shoes (do not do like me), and just walk around in this «garden» for hours. Try some local specialities at the «Satay», and watch up on the «spaceship building». Do not go there yet, save it for the evening!


Singapore Art Science Museum

Geek allert! I have been studying chemistry and physics, but this is really a museum for everyone! Singapore Art Science Museum have several exhibitions, but Future World is what really got our attention. It was an interactive, inspiring, fun and educational exhibition, really mixing science and art. I would also recommend to bring your kids here, as there were a lot of activities and fun for kids to try. 5 out of 5 from me!

Singapore by night

Yes you’re right! Put on those heels and get up there. Singapore skyline is waiting for you as you sip on that long drink. And hey, it doesn’t matter which sky bar you go to. Just find you favorite and watch the view. It is spectacular! (For those wondering, yes we went to the space ship aka Celavi. Couldn’t go there without checking out Bangkok’s big sister)


Sentosa Island and Universal Studios

If you wanna have some fun, head over to Sentosa Island. The island of fun offer everything you could wish for.  Sentosa offers waterparks, aquariums, and museums. The choice is yours! As the landlubbers and speed junkies we are, our choice ended at Universal Studios. Already been to the one in Florida, but this one was no disappointment. Decent choice of rides for «grown ups», and when you just cannot behave and stop dancing when you hear the lyrics «I like to move it move it», you know this place is for you. And sorry for the lack of pictures, someone was having it too much fun!

Singapore has a lot to offer other than this, not to mention the tons of malls and opportunities for shopping. Did I mention that they have a (regular) Victorias Secret store there? Almost reason enough to go. The city is super clean and beautiful, and just walking around is an experience in itself. Not to talk about the food, as the multicultural diversity entails a lot of amazing cuisines to try. Bon voyage!