A must do while being in Thailand is going to the tailor! That is something you don’t exactly do every day in Norway, and in Thailand its really affordable. To get a piece that fits you perfectly is luxury! I’ve been in Thailand several times with my family, and I remember one of the hardest things was to find which tailor to go to. It is so many of them, and unfortunately one might get disappointed when it comes to all the amazing offers they are promoting. Be aware, if 100% silk has a price that is too good to be true, it might actually be the case.

Lucky me was invited to a tailor called Nickermann’s, who are located in The Landmark hotel in Sukhumvit in Bangkok. The people working here are great, and it seems like they have a lot of experience! I have a lot of opinions of how I want things, but the lady helping me, several times had to point out ideas that might not be as good as I thought… Like making sure that the pants aren’t too tight so you can sit, haha. I like that they are not afraid to tell you what works or not so that you will not end up with a little disappointment. No doubt they are very skilled in what they are doing. I had several fittings to make sure everything was perfect, but still they were able to deliver everything in a week. Super quick! Which is a big plus if you’re a tourist who’s here only for a few days. If you are considering getting something made while you are here I fully recommend these guys. Even Lonely Planet does, so if you dont trust me you can listen to them hehe.


What do you think? Im totally in love with the green. Tried a suit with the same color at Zara, but unfortunately it didn’t fit me and I have been dreaming about it since then. And btw if you’re wondering if its too warm to wear a suit like this in Bangkok? No way Hose, they are world champions on AC here.